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Company Philosophy: Alleviating The Financial Burden

Touché Financial Solutions, LLC takes pride in helping new and established businesses create and/or restructure their accounting systems tailored to the scope of their business needs and operations. Our goal is to help businesses understand their cash flows, maximize their profit margins, and reduce their tax liabilities.  We also realize there are other financial services businesses seek, such as monthly bookkeeping, payroll, tax planning, Quickbooks training, and outsourced accounting, so we offer affordable packages for all levels of business. It is our mission to be the solution for managing your business finances. Which will give you the opportunity to run your business opposed to your business running you!

Company Values


Stewardship is defined as the careful and responsible management of resources under one’s care.  At TFS, is it our duty to careful monitor and manage the finances of businesses. We want business owners to feel confident and trust that we are doing our diligence in protecting and making the necessary decisions for the benefit of the business. 


Finances can be both overwhelming and complex, that is why one of our values is simplicity. We want you to feel that operating your business is simple. Simplicity is all about removing financial clutter and creating a simplistic approach to help businesses reach their business goals. Operating your business will be simple, as well as working with TFS.


Service is a major part of our business. Our clients are our number one priority, and providing high-quality service is our ultimate goal. Additionally, serving within the community is also very important. 



Sierra M. Thomas, is the Owner and Lead Accountant of Touché Financial Solutions LLC.

Sierra graduated with honors from Youngstown State University in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. She went onto pursue her graduate degree at Franklin University receiving her Master of Business Administration in 2012. During her college career, Sierra held corporate positions as both a Personal Banker and an Assistant Store Manager. Upon graduating, she went on to work as a Senior Accountant at two multi-million dollar corporations. 

After working in Corporate America for over a decade, Sierra discovered a deep passion for helping individuals and businesses organize and better manage their financial affairs. Since 2015, Sierra has helped numerous business launch, increase revenue, maximize profits, and reduce their tax liabilities. 

Sierra’s background allowed her to develop many quality characteristics including building and leading a team, strong customer service, and strong attention to detail. In addition, her background allows her to focus on addressing the needs of businesses to assist with securing a more financially stable future. She strongly believes that a business must have a strong accounting structure in order to be successful.